Thursday, June 12, 2008

WOW...its FRIDAY!!!!

Dayng the week flew so fast....It wuz just monday a while ago now iz the weekend time baby!!!what are my plans this weekend?hmmm...

Well, friday afternoon i'm a be at the baracks to record tracks for my solo album and finish up some of the 187 mobsta peeps' short profiles for the website. By the way you can visit our official would like to express our deepest thanks to sir madshcok for the website...You the bomb bro!!!now back to the ball game, this afternoon i would probably be writtin a full length song at the studio and record it.

Probably gonna do a tagalog song since I already have around 3 tracks recorded in english and just 1 song in tagalog and thats the one i did with Mike Kosa ( ill track!!! ). The english tracks I have already recorded ( which i plan to re-record...again) include: Diary's Pages (Produced by Traumatikkk), Survivor (this track was written way back in 1999) and This is why I'm ill ( which is included in our second album:From The Ashes). Come to think of it, so far i've only done finished 4 tracks, that's a far cry from my target of 16 and a lot of work to do and so lil' time...

Well, shifts over so I'll be seein ya'll...stay tuned for more!!!I'm outtie!!!

my first BLOG

Whoa...Finally i'm gonna be bloggin on my own blog. On my blogs in the future i would be providing ya'll info and updates on the 187 mobstaz, my work, my daily life, struggles, triumphs, defeats, etc, etc, basically anything under the sun that i feel like writtin about.

Funny how most of the ideas i have playin and circulatin in my mind while i'm traveling to work gets lost whenever i get the chance to write it down before it evaporates to oblivion. Such a waste. well thats it for now......

I'll just hit ya'll back next time...peace to everybody, love and respect to those who deserve it......I'm outtie..